Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thinking about this week's menu was more work than usual. For some reason, I had difficulty choosing meals. After much deliberation, here's this week's "chow".

Monday - Cook's choice - we ate leftovers (crock pot pork chops from Sunday) since there was so much to eat.

Tuesday - Vegetarian Spinach Curry (I didn't make this last week as it was on the menu - can't remember why now...?)

Wednesday - Frozen chicken nuggets/fries (I need a quick meal tonight that the children will eat - lots going on)

Thursday - Fast food (we rarely eat take-out but I couldn't think of a meal and I've already gone shopping. We'll be at the dentist until 5 p.m.)

Friday - Paperplate/leftovers/pizza night

Saturday - Spaghetti and meat balls (the meatballs are frozen but I'm thinking of making a nice "crock pot" sauce and I am looking for recipes)

Sunday - Meatloaf (yes, my family has requested this yet again).

For more great menu plan ideas, please visit I'm an organizing junkie.

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