Saturday, April 14, 2007

The struggle continues...

that's the phrase my husband always uses...

I bought these Glad XXL bags at Walmart yesterday. These things are enormous. When my husband saw me with the Glad box he said: "you're not going to put me in one of those, are you?". He also commented on the happy look the woman on the box has as she's carrying one of those bags. He said I had the same look as I carried the box in from the car.

Anyway, I've decided to remove the 3 bins of yarn I have and put them in these bags. I was hoping to fit all my yarn into one bag but, alas, no such luck. I did manage to clear out 2 bins of yarn (one being a very large bin) into one XXL bag. I figure it's cheaper to buy these plastic bags than it is to buy 3 more plastic bins. Mind you, where can I put it now. It doesn't really fit on the shelves like the bins did.

Here are the bins I've liberated, hoping to be filled with more stuff:

Here's my yarn. One thing I notice is that a photo does not do the bags justice for size. This thing's so heavy it's really awkward to carry.

As I type this, I think I should really aim for fitting all my yarn into 1 bag rather than two bags. It'll require some giveaways and eBay selling of yarn but I think I can do it.

Did I mention the huge shopping bag of yarn I have slotted to give away already. I think I have a problem. A serious problem with yarn....H E L P M E!!


Deanna said...

I noticed that you stated that you have yarn you need to purge. reccomend contacting a yarn store as often there are knitters that knit for charity and your yarn could be put to good use. Such as orphanages in Russia. I know our local yarn shop does just this and they have a basket in the shop for the knitters that get together to do just this once a month. With the amount of yarn you could start your own knitting for charity :)

org junkie said...

Hello! Those are big bags although I'm not a fan of them myself only because they are hard to store and can't be stacked up. You might need to figure out where your designated space for yarn will be and then limit your yarn collection to what will fit that space.
Keep up the good work!